Universal camping X-Thermo tarp

A universal camping tarp with thermal insulation, measuring 300 x 280 cm, allowing you to quickly and easily prepare a shelter during a longer hike or bicycle trip.

On one side, the X-Thermo tarp is coated with a thermo-insulating layer, which increases thermal comfort on colder nights. On hot days, the thermo layer reflects the sun’s rays, significantly lowering the temperature under the tarp. The other side of the tarp is made in olive color, which easily absorbs heat.

The kit includes:
– 4 attachment pins,
– 6 lashing lines with reflectors,
– a carrying case.

Technical specifications
Material: polyester
Dimensions: 300 x 280 cm
Dimensions (when folded): 22 x 10 cm
Weight: 800 g
Color: olive green



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